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Our Safe Pilot Programme

A Programme built to support and enhance a pilots journey to being a safer and more competent aviator.

 Focused on scenario based training, giving GA pilots the chance to practice in a safe and immersive environment.  Develop non technical skills, and the ability to deal with emergency situations to help empower confidence and decrease skill fade.

As a customer at GA safety, you will not only have the benefits of our cutting edge Simulator, you will have full access to our Safe Pilot Programme.  

We have developed a training package based around our core non technical skills.

Workload management

Decision making

Situational awareness

Problem solving.


Our programme includes Non tech presentations, scenario based learning in our simulator, and learning how to manage and mitigate risk.



Practice Makes perfect.

LIFT can create any scenario you could possible face when flying GA.  

Whether its a bird strike and engine fire, flight in to IMC or aircraft control failures. LIFT gives you the tool to truly explore these scenarios, at your own pace with the luxury of being in a safe environment.  .

Each LIFT device is installed with hundreds of combinations of failures to fly at the push of a button. We periodically update each sim remotely to add to this data base to push certain lesson plans that are based on recent GA events and accidents.

Stay ahead of the drag curve by practicing in the comfort of the Simulator and avoid the startle factor if it ever happens for real.

As part of our service we will give you access to our 'safe pilot programme'.  When your LIFT172 device is installed we will spend time meticulously training and developing your instructors in delivering this amazing programme to maximum the potential of our sims.

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Are you a Safe Pilot?

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Whether your pilots are just starting out on their aviation journey, or are seasoned aviators with hundreds of hours under their belt,  effective simulator practice focused on non tech skills and event management can enhance everybody's flying skills and experiences.

Ever wondered how you would deal with a blocked Pitot? Or how to safely fly out of cloud? How would you handle a snapped throttle cable at full power?  All these scenarios and many more can be explored, and learning maximised due to the environment and the ability to pause and reflect.

Your club members can learn to approach flying with a slightly different, more considerate mind set.  

Teach them how to deal with scenarios, how best to risk assess and to feel more confident when they fly.

As an operator of our LIFT Tech you will receive scenario based sessions which you can sell as individual details or as a package to explore with your pilots.  These will be focused on current trends, aviation areas of interest and non tech skills so often overlooked within the GA community.  These will be uploaded monthly from our remote servers giving you instant access.  

We will help your instructors to deliver these key sessions and offer guidance to how best run the sessions so to maximise the potential of this style of training.

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