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Light Intelligent Flight Tools

Our LIFT.172 Simulator is the perfect learning environment.  Whether you're practicing an engine failure or managing a non normal event.  


Our Simulator will help to enhance your non tech and technical skills without the fear of making mistakes but with the realism of actual flight.


Amazing Visuals

We have utilised highly realistic photo generated scenery.  It accurately maps the World and its features in 3D.  This displayed on our wrap around Visual system, which is available as a minimum of 180 degrees up to 270 depending on the space you have available.  


Whether you're flying into Heathrow runway 27L or at Goodwoods Runway 14R, you will feel like you are there.  Its Immersive and addictive with simply endless hours of enjoyment to be had.


 Our company is about making GA safer but what better way to do this than to maximise its enjoyment.  This sim is truly addictive and just by flying it will enhance your flying skills. 

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Control Loading

Cutting edge dynamically loaded flying controls 

Rigorous testing by our experienced team of qualified training pilots have ensured the flight controls replicate the real world feel of a Cessna 172.  The Yoke, rudder pedals and trim all give the correct feel of the aircraft through dynamic control loading.  We pride ourselves on attention to detail and are our own biggest critics.  


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LIFT has been built using the highest quality materials, electronics and flight control systems that the industry has to offer.  We are very excited to share what we believe will bring Simulators to the World of GA.  

The aircraft systems and avionics are all mapped and based on specific aircraft that the sim represents.

The computer power behind the simulator are provided by two latest i9 processor with RTX3090 Graphics cards.

The software and modelling is at a level capable of achieving approval.


All our simulators are connected to our central server.  From here we work behind the scenes and perform background lesson plan sharing, tech support, maintenance and updates.


As a Flying club or school you will get 24/7 support.  Our SafePilot programme will be shared with you directly to your sim.  

We have engineered a near faultless product.  But when you do require support we will always try to resolve any issues remotely and in a timely manner.  If needed our engineers will come in person and resolve and assist in any way that we can.

Our simulators have proven to be exceptionally robust and reliable.  Any faulty or worn out parts will be replaced by our team in an expeditious manner ensuring your simulator is up and running with minimal training loss.

By working with us and installing a Sim at your venue, you are part of the team, and as such your success is our success.


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