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What We Offer

We design, manufacture and install cutting edge simulators to flying clubs and schools for use by the General Aviation community.

We have carefully engineered this Simulator which is based it on the iconic Cessna 172.  This amazing device requires minimal upfront financial commitment making it attainable to every flying club around the country, and is what sets us apart from everyone else.

To compliment our simulator we have developed a scenario based training programme called 'SafePilot'. This is designed to provide a structure to the simulator usage by helping pilots develop essential competencies, such as Situational Awareness, decision making and workload management.

These are areas that are often overlooked during expensive and highly pressured PPL training.

But these are skills that really can make a difference for a pilot to successfully handle non normal aviation events. 


A LIFT172 device, used in conjunction with our SafePilot programme will increase safety standards at your club, help turn your pilots into confident, safe aviators and will turn it in to a 365 business.


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Our Simulator will see the end to all those days lost to rain and adverse weather.  Reduce skill fade and raise the standard of our community by utilising this amazing device.

High quality simulators are expensive, costly to maintain and its benefits can be limited without proper utilisation.  These are high price items and making the commitment and risk of buying one can be daunting.


At GA safety we take the risk away from you, which will allow your club to be in profit from its first hours use.  We offer a fully inclusive service from installation and training through to servicing and 24 hour support.

Diversify your Aircraft Fleet Today with a LIFT172 device.

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Enhance Safety

There are many scenarios that a GA pilot may never have encountered when they are set free to command a light aircraft.

Our devices in conjunction with our SafePilot Programme allow GA pilots exposure to new experiences that can enhance their overall competence and confidence.  The scenarios are limitless, whether it is a microburst generated wind shear, engine fire, system failure or accidental flight in to cloud.  

In a LIFT device you can practice these scenarios all the way to a conclusion in a safe and non jeopardy environment.  Airlines lead the way in safety and much of this is attributed to simulators and the diverse training and learning they offer.

enhance safety

Our LIFT 172 device has been engineered and designed with flying clubs in mind.  We understand that space can be at a premium, which is why our device only requires a room to be 2.5m x2.5m in size.

If more space is available we offer a fully immersive wrap around projector screen for the ultimate training experience.


Our simulators are ​all highly accurate platforms suitable for a wide variety of pilot training.  With dynamic flight control loading, full system layouts and wrap around visual systems that will have you question whether you're flying the real thing.


This sets us apart from every other simulator manufacturer.  We believe that a new approach was needed for making the next generation of simulators.

We've done away with deposits, high monthly payments and expensive service contracts.

This product really is accessible for everyone regardless of budget. 


Request our Product Guide and learn more about Working with us.

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