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Cutting edge Simulators for GA Pilots

Simulator training is not a new concept.  It's the environment that professional pilots practice and deal with scenario based events.

But where can we do this in our GA community? What happens after we pass our skills test? what facilities are there to practice events and scenarios that we all might face at some point during our aviation journey? 

LIFT is designed and engineered for this exact reason.  To provide you with the environment to practice, learn and improve your flying skills.  Whether you're about to take your skills test, or you've been away from flying for an extended period or you just want to be better.  LIFT will help you achieve this.

Enhance your airmanship and decrease skill fade and help make GA a safer place. 

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LIFT provides the perfect environment for practicing procedures, manoeuvres, routes and emergency scenarios.  


With the ability to set up weather, aircraft configurations and malfunctions; the Sim offers the ultimate versatility allowing you to gain huge benefit in a short amount of time.

Unlike in the Aircraft, in a LIFT device you can run these scenarios to a conclusion.  



LIFT allows you to try things that may normally be out your comfort zone.  



This could be a long range VFR flight, transitioning busy airspace or flying into a busy international airport. 


The chance to try these things out in a safe non jeopardy environment allows you to get a head start before trying them in the aircraft.


LIFT devices include a fully functional and correctly represented avionics suite and aircraft systems layout.

This provides a cost-effective way of gaining familiarity with onboard equipment before trying it in the aircraft.

Our cutting edge true Earth visual allows you to not only explore the aircraft, but parts of the UK you haven't yet been to.  Its truly an addictive, immersive experience.

Book a Sim

Book and fly a LIFT172 device.  Either book and fly our flagship Sim at our HQ or at one of our partner Flying clubs near you.


We are currently working with numerous partner flying clubs and schools and anticipate installing Devices at multiple locations in the near future.   We believe this is the future of enhanced flight training and are excited to have you join us on this journey.   

Please contact us to book.  We can tailor it to your needs to maximise your time in the Simulator.   

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book sim
How we can help
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How can we help?

At GA safety we are trying to help pilots become better, and safer.  We have created the 'Safe Pilot Programme'.  This is primarily based around scenario based events, enabling you to practice in a safe inclusive environment.

We have created our YOUTUBE channel where we share our knowledge on scenario based management to non normal management techniques and is demonstrated in our own cutting edge LIFT172 Simulator.


Check us out on the Link Below

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Are You a Safe Pilot?

Have you ever asked yourself this? We all like to think we are safe, but how prepared for the unexpected are we?

Practice scenario based training with us in our sim and get rid of that niggling 'what if' feeling.

learn how to plan, manage and avoid emergency and dangerous situations.

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