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Your next steps to having a LIFT172 Simulator at your club

You're interest in the possibility of having a LIFT172 device in your flying club?


Below are some of the steps we must go through to making that vision a reality.


  1. Email us or send us a message on our contact page

  2. We will send you out our comprehensive product guide and technical specifications

  3. Included in this guide is the pricing structure.

  4. We invite you to call us and tell us about your flight school/club and we can discuss the space available that you have, your current fleet and your expectations from us as a service provider.

  5. If we all decide that it would make a good partnership then we will invite you to fly our LIFT172 simulator which is currently located at Goodwood Flying Club.  From here you can see first hand the amazing capabilities of our device and how this will benefit your flying club and its members.

  6. If you decide that a LIFT172 is something that you need at your club then we can discuss the details of your individual sim.  As stated, our sims are based on the Cessna 172.  However, the instrument panel can be changeable to offer G1000 avionics or your more traditional 6 pack analogue set up depending on your needs.  

  7. We will then visit your club to take measurements, check temperature and humidity, internet connectivity and electrical points within the room.  We will conduct a full health and fire safety check to ensure our device can be safely installed.

  8. We then agree the contractual elements of the Simulator leasing and agree a build date.  We usually offer a lead time of between 2 - 3 months.

  9. Once the Sim is complete we then meticulously install the device at your training facility making sure all health and safety guidelines have been followed.

  10. All our electrical components are PAT checked and certified prior to installation.

  11. A settling in period is agreed where we ensure your instructors are trained to be proficient in running and using the simulator to its maximum potential.

  12. We explore our 'safe pilot programme' with your instructors and suggest ways to best implement at your club.  We won't leave until you're completely satisfied that you and your team have all the knowledge required to maximise the use of this this integral device.

  13. We service and maintain your simulator to the highest standards throughout your contract with us in line with the service and maintenance schedule.  We have remote access to fix technical issues in a timely manner.

  14. 24/7 service agreement.  This simulator has been through rigorous testing and practical use with very little intervention needed to keep it online.  However as always things can and will break at some point.  We will be on hand to fix or replace any broken or faulty equipment in an expeditious way.

  15. Congratulations on becoming the operator of one of our LIFT172 devices and in raising the safety bar at your club.

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