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GA Safety provide a next generation of flight safety solutions to the General Aviation community.


Our cutting-edge LIFT simulators combined with our SafePilot programme can keep flying schools open in all weathers, whilst improving community safety standards.


Our Simulators are highly effective tools for developing pilot competencies, building confidence and allowing pilots to expand their skillset all year around.


The Vision


Founded by technology experts and experienced Pilots who realised that exceptional yet affordable GA simulators were widely unavailable.


The mission : To assist flying clubs and schools in becoming all-year-round businesses.

To increase a pilots skill set by introducing and honing non technical skills. 

How? By building, installing and maintaining cutting edge simulators to local flying clubs, whilst also delivering a learning programme focused on scenario based training, incorporating non technical skills which are so important in todays modern world of aviation..

With over 25 years of experience in the aviation and technology industry, GA Safety have learnt the value that can be attained by efficient use of simulation.  

Being able to practice in world class simulators and access to scenario based training, we hope to revolutionise the world of GA.

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Simulator training is not a new concept.  

It's the environment that professional pilots practice and deal with scenario based events.

But where can we do this in our GA community? What happens after we pass our skills test? What facilities are there to practice events and scenarios that we all might face at some point during our aviation journey? 

LIFT is designed and engineered for this exact reason.  To provide your Pilots with the environment to practice, learn and improve their flying skills.  Whether they're about to take their skills test, or have been away from flying for an extended period, or you just want to raise the standard.  LIFT will help achieve this.

Enhance your pilot members airmanship and decrease skill fade and help make GA a safer place.



Simulators for GA Pilots

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